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Last night we enjoyed a lovely evening in Montreal at " Le Gala Excellence - La Soiree des Aramis", organized by Cheval Quebec. Carlo is honoured to receive the award - 2015 Meilleur Eleveur Reconnu de L'Annee, - Best Breeder of The Year Award in Quebec. This award is a multi discipline award, recipients are chosen from all horse breeders in Quebec. A special thanks to International Grand Prix Jumper - Cento Per Cento and owner Luis Garcia, and also Lucie Corbeil and Paule Morin with Pina Colada for making this award possible. We would also like to give a Big Thank You to the owners and professionals of our Beaulieu horses that continue to develop and make these horses to the success that we dream them to be. With your support, all our dreams are possible.

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